Breath~Rites Circle
March 1 (Sunday) at 11:30 am

Ebony Prins
Class length
3 hours
The Fourth Floor, 65 Murray St, HOBART
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Breath Rites is an invitation to experience you, all of you, as you are.
Through the use of Breathwork and somatic guidance techniques you’ll learn how to listen to and access the wisdom of your own internal guidance system - your body.

We start a conversation, between the Breath and the body and allow whatever needs attention, in that moment, to unfold and be seen.
The Breath allows us to dive into our feelings and bring awareness to deeper information about ourselves and our environment that the brain may otherwise override or dismiss, usually in an attempt to ‘keep us safe.’

Individual experiences during Breathwork sessions can be highly varied and a safe space is created to support you in staying curious and open to what arises.
We learn to listen, we learn to be present with ourselves and most importantly, we learn how to breath through it all.

Breath-Rites is for every BODY. You can’t do it wrong. All you need is a body and a breath.

A breath session can include, but is not limited to:
- altered states of consciousness\accessing the deeper wisdom of the body
- visions, physical sensations, experiencing various emotions
- accessing past traumas
- insights to behavioural + relationship patterns
- meeting + understanding internal blocks such as self-doubt + destructive ways of thinking/being.
- transformation. healing. re-birthing.
- remembering ones true multidimensionality.

Your facilitators for the Breath-Rites circle are qualified Breathwork practitioners and somatic guides, Ebony Prins and Leah Musik.

Bookings and cost: The cost for the 3 hour Breath~Rites Circle is $49 for members of the Fourth Floor and $59 for non-members. 
If you're not a member please pre-book and pre-pay via the booking details on this page. 
If you are a member, please follow this link to receive your discounted ticket:

We look forward to sharing space with you soon. 

Sorry - that class has already taken place!