Mobility: Flexibility & Strength Online - RECORDED
February 26 (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm

Scott Cashins
Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
The Fourth Floor, 65 Murray St, HOBART
Feel better in your body for the long term through improving your flexibility and your strength to support your joints for all you ask of your body.   'Prehap', 'injury proof', 'bulletproof' these are some of the words used to describe this style of exercise.   Not just stretching, and not just strengthening, we do both at the same time.

A Full range of joint motion with the strength to control that range is THE foundation of healthy movement, sport, and a body that just feels good. In this series I will share with you the tools that you can use to restore full range of motion to your joints and to strengthen the supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments so that your movement has integrity and support.  Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it can begin now.  

If you are a physically active person, we all know injuries are a risk.  But what if you put the work in to fully prepare your body for what you are asking it to do?  What If your joints had more range of motion AND the strength to fully control that range of motion?  You would perform better and your risk of injury would shrink.  You could do what you love but better, longer, and more efficiently.  These are the benefits of Mobility Training.

A life of sore backs, bad knees, and stiff hips is common for many today, but this is not an inevitable byproduct of ageing or movement, but rather a consequence of harmful patterns over time. The cause of injury is pretty straightforward - the load placed upon your body was greater than your mobility and tissue could handle.  Preventing injury is equally straightforward - We need to restore your joints range of motion and strengthen the supporting tissue to handle what you are asking of it, plus a bit extra as a buffer for the unexpected.  This is true for athletes and non-athletic folks alike. 

Each week brings a new workout focussing on a different area of the body.  Online classes are available for unlimited use for two weeks from date of release.

If you would like a personal mobility assessment and program to improve deficiencies I am happy to help.  

Thank you! and any questions, please ask.

Scott Cashins 

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