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90 minutes
The Fourth Floor, 65 Murray St, HOBART
Whether you are getting upside-down for the first time, or you are an experienced invert-er looking to spice up your skills, this six-week series has something for all.

Teagan is a Tassie born and bread up-side-down enthusiast. When she found yoga at age fifteen, she could barely hold a plank, let alone dream of getting into a headstand. After over eight years of personal practice, Teagan has experienced first-hand how to build strength, mobility and confidence from the ground up, and now feels more comfortable on her head than on her feet. Nowadays, Teagan loves nothing more than getting to share the magic of yoga with others, particularly the wonderful world of inversions and arm balances and she cannot wait to share this fun-packed series with the Hobart yoga community. 

The course will run as follows:

Week 1 : Arm Balances - Foundations
Week 2 : Arm Balances - Progressions
Week 3: Forearm Stands - Foundations 
Week 4 : Forearm Stands - Progressions
Week 6 : Headstands - Foundations 
Week 6 : Headstands - Progressions 

Each 90-min session will begin with a playful and dynamic vinyasa-based flow to warm, open and prepare our bodies for action. There will then be a workshop-style breakdown of various tools and techniques aimed to build on the strength, flexibility and balance required to get you feeling more comfortable and competent on your head and your hands. 
We will conclude each class by softening into a slow and stretchy cool-down and a deep final relaxation. 

So join us for six weeks to have your perspective flipped (literally!), to develop new skills, to improve technique and confidence, to cultivate playfulness and creativity, and most importantly, to have fun! 

Investment: $108 for the 6 week series.

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* Available to the first 5 students to book their place.

The class takes place on...

January 14 at 5:45 pm (Tuesday)
January 21 at 5:45 pm (Tuesday)
January 28 at 5:45 pm (Tuesday)
February 4 at 5:45 pm (Tuesday)
February 11 at 5:45 pm (Tuesday)
February 18 at 5:45 pm (Tuesday)

This class series has finished.